Monday, November 8, 2010


It's been some time since I was last here. 2010 has not been kind to me so I think this will be my last post for this year. As was stated before my husband passed away in May, suddenly. We had some high hopes for my son in law and his cancer but that has been a very long up hill battle, still going on and then in September my eldest son passed. Again suddenly, and this I am having a very difficult time dealing with. Someone told me if I write about it, maybe that will help. But nothing does. After moving and getting settled I still have not unpacked my sewing room, my youngest daughter is going to help me in the next weeks to do that. I do have to acknowledge my son's friends, who raised 7000.00 to pay for the funeral as he had no insurance. That is one thing that has made this more bearable, seeing how he was loved.
Ok that's it and I will be back in 2011 with a much happier spirit.
Carole Ann