Friday, October 23, 2009

Trick or Treat

Here is the bag I made for Elias, this is his first Halloween being only 9 mos. I used two of the blocks from the swap over at Jane's. I loved this block so much and hope the maker does not mind that I did not put it in the quilt. The back is made from one of the 9 patches, my daughter loves it and will save it forever. Still no computer at home so doing a lot from work. This weekend I should have my red and aqua blocks in the mail and finish up my Advent Swap to get ready for mailing, it has to go far so I want to get it out soon. I can then concentrate on some holiday gifts and a craft fair or two. Well everyone have a good weekend.

GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Give away check it out

I should have some photo's this weekend of my finished swaps and the Trick or Treat bag I made for Elias, using blocks from the halloween block swap. But in the mean time check out this great give away. some really nice fabric.
talk to you soon
carole ann

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sticher Angel/Red and Aqua swap

The first photo are the blocks I have been working on for the Red/Aqua disappearing 9 patch swap, my daughter loves the colors so I guess she will be getting the quilt once it is put together.
The other photo is what my darling Sticher Angel has sent me all the way from Australia. She did not reveal herself but I will try to figure it out, she sent me a beautiful green(my favorite color) tea towel, a lovely little bag to carry my treasures and an angel to guard my scissors. I have to say I am blown away with this, I have had some bad luck in the past with swaps and cannot tell you how excited I was to find a parcel from the other side of the world waiting for me.
Still having computer troubles, thought they were fixed but noooooooooooooo, so I am at work posting this, better make it short. I will have some more photos in the next few days of my siggie blocks and other things I am working on. Also the bake sale that I had a few weeks back, we raised 453.00 and I will be selling somemore in work to make it 500.00 which was my goal.
Talk to you soon everyone.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Terry's Quilt

I know I am late on this , but I have already sent my block over to Laurie at A Yankee Quilter. If you haven't already heard about it please go over there it get the entire story. Laurie is doing a great thing by getting people to send in blocks for Terry and organizing putting them toegether and quilted.

Friday, October 9, 2009

PIF/Mystery quilt

Micki over at Irish Muses has chosen three names for a Pay it Forward. Now she makes handmade items to send off to them within the next year. Now I have to pick three names and do the same. This has been so much fun and very exciting meeting and being inspired by so many talented and generous women from all over the globe. So the first three people to respond will be the ones that I will make something for and send off.
I have had such fun today, it was slow in work so I went over to
Ablyquilt, just went down her list of people who have signed up for her 2009 Challange. I even downloaded that Christmas mystery quilt that she is doing from Nina's blog. You should go over and check it out.

A lot going on

I have been very busy with my swaps and a bake sale this Saturday. It is for the Great American Bake Sale, hoping to have good weather. Daughter was here last week my sister this week. On Sunday they were both here so it was of to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a very nice lunch. Saw a lot of "old friends" while at the Museum, paintings that Ihave not seen for a while. Sent off part of my Sticher Angel and will be sending the rest off soon. Been doing a lot of sewing as I have a craft fair on the 17th and holidays coming.
I will have some pictures soon, just a little trouble loading them.