Monday, November 8, 2010


It's been some time since I was last here. 2010 has not been kind to me so I think this will be my last post for this year. As was stated before my husband passed away in May, suddenly. We had some high hopes for my son in law and his cancer but that has been a very long up hill battle, still going on and then in September my eldest son passed. Again suddenly, and this I am having a very difficult time dealing with. Someone told me if I write about it, maybe that will help. But nothing does. After moving and getting settled I still have not unpacked my sewing room, my youngest daughter is going to help me in the next weeks to do that. I do have to acknowledge my son's friends, who raised 7000.00 to pay for the funeral as he had no insurance. That is one thing that has made this more bearable, seeing how he was loved.
Ok that's it and I will be back in 2011 with a much happier spirit.
Carole Ann

Monday, June 7, 2010

I am back

It's been some time since I last posted. There has been alot going on, my son in law found out he had Hodgkins Lymphoma. He underwent surgery and radiation treatments, and we are hoping all is good. He goes for another check up in two weeks. And then last month my David passed away, just woke up one morning and had a heart attack, needless to say we were all in shock. I know that I owe a few people and will have all in the post by the end of this week. Getting back into the swing of things and that has helped alot. Keeping busy is a good thing for me right now.
Will be back soon with some photos.
I would like to thank all of those who sent there prayers.
Carole Ann

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sad News

Hello everyone, this is Carol Ann's daughter. Mom was very excited about getting the new computer hooked up and posting all sorts of photos. However she will be gone for a little while longer. Dad passed away the other morning, mom is ok for now but not too much into talking to people. She will be back soon.
Thanking everyone in advance for their prayers.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Here comes the snow

Well, still no computer but thank goodness I am getting a brand new one sometime in the next week. The man in our IS department has his own company and makes them. He is putting one together for me with all the good stuff on it so I will be able to get online at home.

It looks like we are going to get a lot of snow this weekend so much sewing is going to be done as well as video watching, loads of movies I need to catch up on.

I will be able to load photos next week here on my work computer, keep forgetting to bring in the camera and cable.

Went out and did my grocery shopping on Weds so I would not have to stand in line forever last night or tonight.

This is the year I plan on getting it together, last year it was just not happening. I am a list maker and a plan maker, do so much more better when I do this.

I just ordered a jelly roll of A Breath of Avignon to use in a mystery quilt and cannot wait to get it. Thinking spring right now, it is my second favorite season fall being first.

Well that's all for now, see you all on Monday.

This is something I am going to cut into this weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have four items completed for January's OPAM Challange. I made a tea cozy for my sister, a wall hanging that I wanted for Xmas but never got to. The doll quilt is for a friend of my daughters little girl and the journal is for me. Found a nice little book at ACMoore(craft store) for 1.00 and could not resist it . I will have photos Friday as I did not bring the right cord to work today. I think I am going to try and compelte one small project every week from now on. Finally got the sewing room in order, over the holidays it was the dumping ground for things no one was sure where to put.

There are a lot of things planned for this year, work around the house to be completed, trips to the seashore with the family,trip to Seattle to visit my Aunt and loads of sewing projects.

I have dug out some old patterns from when my children were small to make Elias(grandson) some summer clothing, forgot how much fun that was.

Also trying to think of something to make for the Spring Swap.

Well talk to you soon, with photos.
Well I had to put something here for you to look at.

carole ann

Monday, January 25, 2010

Swaps/Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to all of my friends in OZ and a very Happy Birthday to a dear boy Alexander.

I have signed up for yet another swap

Over at with Corry and Heleen. If you have never been over to see her work, please go. She does wonderful things.
I will have my computer back in a few days so photos will be posted of what I have been working on.
talk to you soon
Carole Ann

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AQD Quilt Show/Lancaster

This is a repost of something I thought about attending, if anyone on the East Coast is interested please let me know. I would love to go but the rooms are a bit high and thought maybe a few of us could bunk together. I can only go from Friday to Sunday arriving Thursday night. There are special rates for the show.

AQD Quillt Show in Lancaster, PA
Just saw this and was thinking of going, also wondering if anyone else on the East Coast near Pa would be going. It might be fun to get together, check out all of the beautiful work, lunch and of course shop. I know it is a little ways off, but something to think about.General InformationAQS Quilt Show & Contest - Lancaster, PennsylvaniaLancaster County Convention CenterMarch 24 - 27, 2010Welcome to the 1st Annual Quilt Show & Contest - Lancaster, PAFor more information about Lancaster County and things to see and do, please visit The Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau.General Info Pages

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 OPAM Challange

I know I haven't been around much , still no computer at home but soon. The holidays went well, first Chirstmas for Elias and it was fun. My daughter came up from Alabama with her boyfriend for a week and it was great to see both of them. Had the Clarks over for the pollyanna(secret santa), and my son cooked another fantastic Christmas dinner. I will have photos soon of all the wonderful gifts from my Advent Swap partner in Italy. Also some very nice ornaments received in swaps.

I have joined up for the 2010 OPAM Challange the Kris and Peg are running, hoping to keep me on track for 2010.

Talk to you soon

Carole Ann