Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Everyone

Still no computer at home, so just checking in. I have been lurking about, everyone has such lovely things for the holidays. I will have to get myself busy in the New Year before the Christmas rush. There is one thing that I did remember, a while back I took a photo copy of a stichery that I wanted to do and ironed it onto the fabric. It transfered very nicely. Since then I have found a place to photo copy things in mirror image so that when I iron them they come up right. Just thought I would pass that along. It is always best to test this first but it worked well for me.
Will be posting many photos when my computer is fixed, so many swaps. My Advent Swap is wonderful, Elisa from Pisa Italy has sent me so many lovely things, tommorrow cannot come fast enough so that I can open a new gift. I hope my packages have arrived to everyone, if not I will kill my husband, who took everything to the post office for me.
Will check in soon.


  1. You sound happily busy! Hope you get your computer set up soon!

  2. I'm very happy you received my parcel and you like the gifts I made for you!
    Have a nice w.e. Hope to hearing from you soon!

  3. Hope you get the computer thing worked out really soon.